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Hello there,

Let me introduce you to my passion: I explore the world through sound and music. Our ears tell us so many things about our environment, much of them subliminal, and sound places us deep in the story in a primal way that picture sometimes can't. We've all seen those stunning pictures from Mars, but have we heard the wind whipping across the Martian plains? How different does that feel?

I've been an storyteller for my entire working life, capturing the human voice in all its many hues, painting musical and aural soundscapes to enhance the filmgoing experience and capturing the power of the symphony orchestra - music's most awesome and nuanced storyteller. I'm a film composer who's inspired by the great writers of the past as well as the astonishing talent we hear today.

I currently work in LA as a full-time sound designer, dialogue editor and ADR supervisor for The Asylum studios and was also their foley artist and editor for two years. Back in the UK, I was a reporter and producer at BBC radio for more than ten years. I've also recorded live broadcasts of the LA Phil and recorded/mixed concerts by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra for commercial releases. This is my passion. I'm a sound nerd.

Like what you hear? Let's talk.

(Qualified under IATSE Local #700 roster of the Motion Picture Editors' Guild.)

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