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Brahms' 1st Symphony - 4th movement: finale

Live concert recording of the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra at the Ambassador's Hall, Pasadena, Oct. 2019.

Equipment: 2 x suspended Oktavia MK 012 mics, 2 x bespoke pre-amps, Sound Devices 702 recorder.

Mixing console: none. All mixing was down to angling and positioning of the two microphones.

Post-production: EQ balancing to compensate for low-end slope due to use of cardioid polar pattern mics (essential to keep audience noise to a minimum); slight upwards compression; reverb to compensate for hall size and full house of people.

Debussy: String Quartet - 1st movement.

Live concert recording from the Huntington, San Marino, April 2019.

Recording equipment: stand-mounted Oktavia MK012 mic x2; Tascam recorder.

Post-production: EQ to balance low-end with cardiod mics ; slight parallel compression; reverb to compensate for small size of hall and full audience.


Live concert recording of the Pasadena Pops @ Ambassador Hall, Pasadena, May 2019.

Equipment: 2 x Oktavia MK012 suspended cardioid mics;

2 x bespoke mic pre-amps;

Tascam recorder.

Post-production: Slight overall gain, very slight EQ rebalance to compensate for lack of low end due to the mics' polar pattern (cardioid pattern essential to reduce audience noise), slight parallel compression, reverb and noise reduction.

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